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Montessori Teacher Certification and Montessori Curriculum

Montessori Teacher Certification and curriculum includes the 8 principles of Montessori education along with math, reading, language, and science. Who needs a certification? If you are seeking to work in a montessori preschool you will need to be montessori certified. The course is wonderful for home school children as well.

Become a Certified Montessori Teacher

Montessori Certification
Montessori Teacher Certification. Montessori curriculum,

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  • Montessori Curriculum (Birth–3)
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  • Montessori Curriculum (3–6)

Frequently asked Questions

Who should enroll in the certification course?

Anyone over 18 is eligible for enrollment. There is no internship – students must find an alternative place to work for experience. I sometimes can help with this.

Who is NIMA?

NIMA stands for National Independent Montessori Academy, an organization that has been working to help Montessori’s since 2009.

Is NIMA recognized internationally

Yes, like most independent Montessori organizations, NIMA is recognized across the world.

Will I be able to teach with my diploma?

This will vary depending on your location and factors such as your desired age group, class size, classroom vs home teaching, and even your educational background. If you are interested in teaching the Montessori curriculum you contact someone already working in the Montessori community or your local government agency responsible for children and preschool licensing.

Who has used NIMA?

Montessori Schools in the USA,  parent the homeschool their children, and people who where seeking jobs in Montessori.