Mediation Services for families

Conflict Resolution Without Court Costs and Expenses

Avoid Costly Court and Attorney Fees

Mediation is the process that all cases have to go through before the court hears a case.  This is a process of resolution through a third party (Mediator).  You can avoid the court processes all together by resolving the conflict in mediation. Most conflicts can be resolved through this process, saving you thousands of dollars in attorney fees, court costs and resolve the conflict in a fraction of the time.

Our mediation service specializes in daycare issues, as well as divorce and family conflicts.


Four Hour Mediation Session

Some issues can be resolved or agreed upon within a four-hour session, depending on the complexity of your case and the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement. 

Call for Pricing It varies depending on completity.

Eight Hour Mediation Session

A full day or eight-hour session may be required for more complex issues. Mediation can be a long process and we will provide breaks and lunch during the full-day sessions. 

Eight-hour sessions - Price varies on complexity