Day Care Training Hours 30


New 2018 30 hour training packet!



30 Training Hours for $70 annual training. Everything you need for your annual years.

NEW: This is a book of 194 pages with 80 multiple choice questions. It covers all your annual training hours.

Child growth and development

Positive guidance and discipline

Age appropriate Curriculum

Teacher child interaction

Abuse and Neglect Reporting Suspected Case

Community Organizations with Training

Recognizing and Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Safe Sleep Practices and Preventing SIDS

Early Childhood Brain Development

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Preventing and controlling the Spread of Communicable Diseases

Administration of  Medication

Preventing and Responding to Emergency Care Plan

Building and Physical Premises Safety

Hazardous Materials

Care of Children with Special Needs

Child Health: Nutrition and Physical Activity

Planning a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment

Risk Management

Cultural Diversity for Children and Families

Professional Development Effective communication with Families, Time Management and Stress Management

Special Topics:


Toilet Training

Observation and Assessments

Strategies to Promote Responsive Care Giving



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