Food Handler Certification


If you are a licensed daycare and buy food for the children, you and your staff are required to have a food handler certificate. I have made this an easy process for the daycare and their staff. The certificates are water marked and the health department knows how to verify them. So they can not be copied. I can list you or another employee as a presenter and provide you with the food handler manual and sell you the certificates in lots of 20 for $6.50 each, buy in lots of 100 for $5 each. Lots of 200 $4 each. This way you have full control over the situation and possible make a little profit. vs. asking employees to do it online over the weekend. You will be able to sit them down during their orientation and have them read the book or present it to a group then sign off on the certificate for them. Also, when you have done this for over 2 years, I will be able to provide you with a letter that you have worked for me as a presenter. This will also come in handy in the future as a resume builder. Call for more information 214-474-0017
Food Certified License number 170


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