Child Care Regulations – This module covers basic health, safety and nutrition, transportation and field trip safety, child abuse, and recognizing and controlling infectious diseases in the early childhood setting.

Business Management and Professional Development – In this module, students gain an understanding of the importance of developing staff and building a strong TEAM environment. 

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Finances and Fiscal Management – Students will learn budgeting basics and cost effective methods for rewarding and recognizing staff achievements.

Community Resources and Services– This module introduces community resources and services available for child care management.

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Communication and Staff Relations– In this module, students review various methods of communication required to build a strong partnership with parents and staff.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice –In this module, students will learn the importance of developing a curriculum for each developmental level in a developmentally appropriate environment.

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Parent Education – Students are introduced to topics that assist them in meeting the needs of, and educating parents in the development of their child.

Ethical Program Development - In this module students review methods for creating a multi-culturalenvironment and inclusion for children with disabilities.

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